Trap Queen

Written by Charma hagans

Log Line: (Series) An on the edge of your seat drama about an NYPD detective who falls in love with a woman; who’s brother is the head of a drug cartel and the detective’s partner gone bad, determined to end their romance.

(Pilot) Det. Nathan Tyrell Yates meets a beautiful woman, Savon Nicole Hagans and winds up falling in love; then finds out that her work in Pharmaceuticals is really running her brother’s Trap Houses.


DET. NATHAN TYRELL YATES (50’S) a black man with a tick build and light complexion; shoots straight from the hip, and is in pursuit of the head of the Aubrey Cartel JAMES “JON JON” AUBREY (48) a dark complexion black man with a portly build who will still candy from a baby then come back for the baby.

While in pursuit of Mr. Aubrey, he meets his sister SAVON NICOLE HAGANS (46) a petite light complexion black woman; honest and out-going individual, begins a relationship with Det. Yates; when he finds out that she’s Mr. Aubrey’s baby sister. Det. Yates discovers the true nature of her employment; but cuts her some slack and continues their romance. With his continued pursuit of Mr. Aubrey throughout the five boroughs of New York, he always comes up empty handed with Mr. Aubrey always ten steps ahead. With Savon and James being related, Det. Yates job is now even more complicated because he’s pursuing her brother and her brother has a great dislike for cops and especially his sister dating one.

In Jacksonville Florida, the big showdown takes place between Mr. Aubrey and Det. Yates. Savon accompanies Det. Yates to the Trap House; but stays in the car. Det. Yates takes down Mr. Aubrey, but not before there’s bloodshed. There is a fire-fight between Yates and Aubrey, both are shot but not critically; even though Savon assumes the worst cowering and crying over her lover’s wounded body; bleeding from his side. Mr. Aubrey is brought to justice and sent to prison for life. Three months have now passed and Savon reveals to Det. Yates that she’s pregnant.

Within the first season there are numerous storyline arcs from Det. Yates ex-partner/jilted lover taking her revenge out on them (episode 1-5); Det. Yates is framed for murder (episode 10), he finds out he has a son he never knew about (episode 8), his inappropriate behavior with a CI (episode 7) and the introduction of a new character CARLOS SAPADA (40’S) which will cover two episodes, to the Season Finale where Det. Yates proposes marriage to Savon (episode 15), but the answer won’t come until Season 2’s first episode “She Said Yes.”


Jacksonville, FL

(904) 503-8605



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